8-Day Retreat

To all of my friends,

In a few hours, I will begin our 8-Day Philippine Province retreat in celebration of the Jubilee Year of the Society of Jesus. We are celebrating the 450th Year of the Death of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the 500th Year of the Births of St. Francis Xavier and Bl. Peter Favre, all founders of the Jesuits. The retreat will end on the evening of the 26th of May. So I may be back on the 27th.

Therefore, I will resume blogging after May 27, 2006. I am sorry I was not able to update because of work --- I gave a retreat to the Grade 4 and 5 faculty of the Ateneo Grade School.

Hope you stay with me. Be assured that I will pray for all of you as I spend these days solely for God.

With all my love and affection,

Jboy SJ


Sonia said...

Fr. Jboy, good luck sa retreat mo. God bless!

Remember Vicky Cabanlet? Will be seeing her and her hubby, Mark Gilbertson, on May 28th for their 1st wedding anniversary. Fr. Junjun Borres will celebrate the mass at the chapel in Fordham U., Bronx, NY. Few friends will be attending.

I used to work at XU Library.

BTW, got your link from Jeff, SJ

Take care.

Yenyen King said...

Hi, Fr.! :-)

I am praying hard for you and the other SJ's.

You may not remember me but I'd be at the 6pm mass in UP 2 yrs ago (during my bar review), then my family & i met you briefly during one of the masses at the hotel. Since then I've passed the bar, practiced in Manila and recently moved back to Cebu.

I've been trying to find a way to get in touch with you, just to say thank you again. (For some reason, I thought you were in CDO.) Anyway, I just "found" you through Prof. Te's blog page.

God bless!


Jessel Gerard said...

Hi Yen-yen,

Lagi, kadumdum ko nimo. Pero problema kay makalimot ko sa ngalan (kana kay tigulang na). Sayang, I was in Cebu last April: Easter Sunday to Tuesday because I was asked to do the homily for a newly-ordained Jesuit in Liloan.

Thank you very much for the prayers. I really need it. And will pray for you and your family too. Congratulations gihapon. Hope to see you one of these days --- Duol naman ang Cebu.

Pag-ayo-ayo. Just in case you can email me jboygonzalessj@yahoo.com.

Do take care.

Jboy SJ

Diego said...

Just to let you know, I changed the blog URL of my blog.

Before it was http://rodrigodiegoamen.blogspot.com/

...and now it is http://iwillbecomeasaint.blogspot.com/

Bye and GodBless!!! :)