Days of Absence

Dear Friends,

I will be away for two weeks. And so I blogged homilies which I already have. These articles will somehow keep you busy and interested while I am gone. Check each date and entry.

Please pray for me. I will be back on the 7th of April 2006.

Thank you very much for supporting this blog especially those who use this for prayer and reflection. I will remember all of you who read the articles.

Please click on the blog My Book Shelf to check on the sources of my homilies. It is under the Narrow Gate icon. Some books on my bookshelf have not been entered in the blog yet. My apologies.


quotidian said...

Fr. Jboy!
Si Joey Valdez ito, ang mahiwagang kapatid ni sister Susay!
Kamusta? Una sa lahat, SALAMAT SALAMAT SALAMAT SALAMAT sa pagtugtog para sa kasal ko. Mayroon akong munting regalo sa iyo pero hindi ko naipadala - it's a nice little book entitled "The Answer to How is Yes"....baka makatulong sa mga retreat mo.
Got to your blog through Fr. Jeff Pioquinto, who dropped a note in mine - nakita ko ang link sa blog mo mula sa blog niya. I'll certainly be a regular visitor of your blog...
Sige ingat and I'll keep in touch. Pls. tell my sister she should be online more dahil namimiss ko siya. ;)

Anonymous said...

father si carlito to. kamusta na? email me naman i have something to ask you. my emai is

see ya!

Mg said...


As another day begins I give myself to you,God. I entrust myself into your care, believing that any struggles that come my way today will have the potential of bringing me wisdom. You have been my strength and my courage when my inner world has been bleak, dark, and dreary. Guide me now in my time of feeling lost. Source of Light, source of Love, I turn to you. Be the companion of the lost part of myself as I search for what is needed in my life. Deepen my yearning for you as I wander through the twists and turns of my self. Come, be with me, Eternal Home, as I search for the road that will lead me more deeply into your heart. Take me by the hand and be the radiant Companion whose presence is enough to give my heart hope and vision. When I feel lost and forlorn, draw me to yourself. As I search for the unnamed pieces of my life, lead me home, lead me home.
-Joyce Rupp