Having Eyes But Cannot See

27 July 2006: Thursday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time
Matthew 13, 10-17: Having eyes but do not see

The truth is simple in the Gospel today: Jesus came to reveal the Truth, but people failed to understand it. I have three points as experienced by prophets, by Jesus, and all those whose role is to teach.

First, Jesus and the prophets brought a message to people. The messages are clear to them, but they are puzzled because people cannot understand it. The experiences of many of us who preach, teach, or discuss things to our children, students or parishioners are that we try to tell them something which to us is relevant, interesting or important, but our listeners seem to lack interest and understanding. They even shrugged away urgent notices. Often, what means something to us, means nothing to them.

Second, many prophets such as Isaiah felt like talking to the hand as the expression goes. Many parents and teachers and leaders occasionally feel that they are talking to people with a closed mind and heart, and as far as we can see, they seemed to be getting worse than getting better. Many parents or even elder siblings are exasperated and frustrated with their children or loved one. Despite their advice and prodding, their loved ones do not listen and seemingly heading for ruin. Our words get from one ear and exits to the other.

Finally, a little consolation: The Jews believe that there is nothing outside of God’s will. That means, everything including all our frustrations and mistakes are somehow incorporated by God in His ultimate plan that it still ends up good. For example, St. Paul is clear when he said that the Jews rejected Jesus and the Gospel and because of this, the Gentiles were able to have access to them. Eventually, the Gentiles will bring the Jews together again.

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